aLec robBins @alecrobbins · 3 sept.
nobody’s “doomscrolling”, chill out. we’re having fun on the computer

sam @smnthfn · 8 sept.
it’s not poetry or prose, but a secret third thing

Paco A @pacvarez · 19h
if you want to connect with me outside of twitter, just look at the moon and know that i'm looking at it too

ppigg @s4m31p4n · 15 sept.
Quit your job to be my friend full time

Annette @weeble · 8 nov.
I'm not going anywhere *static fuzz swells and recedes* I'm still on Twitter for as long- *another wave of static* the red pages, you must collect *hiss, indistinct chatter* long as the site... *growing faint*

matty matt @noetic_emetic · 17 sept.

🌈 life in unreality 🌈 @lifeinunreality · 19 sept.
when i went through psychosis i didn't need idealised stories of people who recovered & succeeded despite the odds. i needed to hear experiences of everyday people who had to live with a formidable illness for most of their life an how they still found hope alongside it

⌘ left at london ⌘ @LeftAtLondon · 20 sept.

REAL WITCH VIDEO (240p) @brobexx · 19 sept.
You ever sleep so little you feel like a low polygon version of yourself. Like you’re just gonna be running on reduced graphics today.

Trey @treydayway · 21 sept.
Drunk job searching is so much fun...I just applied to NASA

🌈 life in unreality 🌈 @lifeinunreality · 21 sept.
travelling between different realities is very tiring. I need a nap.

Nicholas Kole @FromHappyRock · 23 sept.
“slug era” I whisper as I lay prone on the sidewalk after a rainstorm

ciara @normalgirl222 · 23 sept.
Damn hes so fine im Gonna make a positive impact on his life and make him feel loved

Lilly (knife was confiscated) @mothcub_ · 23 sept.
Jordan Peele said "I am putting Steven Yeun in a cowboy hat" and that is what cinema is all about

✿ ed stockham @edstockham · 25 sept.

Suze Araignée @AraigneeSuze · 24 sept.
Il faut remettre la valeur rien à foutre du travail au cœur de la gauche.

noisette bastons @noisettebastons · 28 sept.
Contre l'univers et son monde.

tess scilipoti @tessscilipoti · 29 sept.
legally girls shouldnt have to get out of bed if theyre cozy

o. @__goldenmole · 5 oct.
je dépose mes espoirs chez les punks caché·es

jame @kloogans · 5 oct.
pretty fucked up that my body, a chemistry lab made of meat, simply chooses to make me feel a little bit nervous for no reason

ntch @redacted · 6 oct.
image belle du jour : le chauffeur du bus 140 Nîmes-Le Vigan qui a mis de l'accordéon et danse avec une main devant la route ensoleillée et les montagnes qui commencent

Annette @weeble · 8 nov.
I'm not going anywhere *static fuzz swells and recedes* I'm still on Twitter for as long- *another wave of static* the red pages, you must collect *hiss, indistinct chatter* long as the site... *growing faint*

Horned Sphere @Horned_Sphere · 6 août
Mowing my lawn

Keezy Young 🌼👻 (a ghost) @KeezyBees · 7 oct.
bonded with the drugstore cashier over deciding that 7 boxes of Annie's mac n cheese is a valid adult choice

one of ur hoes @miliondollameat · 7 oct.
but sir this is my emotional support unemployed friend

ᴠɪᴠɪ @vikaphrodite · 12 oct.
j’adore qd les gens s’habillent tout en marron like go off you little tronc d’arbre

Julie @syswarren · 14 oct.
I'm feeling way too much satisfaction for having moved all the files and folders that were on my desktop into a new folder called "Stuff"

P░pp░n B░rr @pippinbarr · 27 oct.
Don't promise and don't deliver

femb✦t @__femb0t · 21 oct.
I’m microdosing sleep 🧐🧐🧐🧐

Mélancosel @melancosel · 22 oct.
Quand je descends du métro je donne toujours deux coups sur la porte du wagon pour prévenir le conducteur qu'il peut redémarrer, je trouve que ça me donne un petit côté "cow-boy"

Laurel Schwulst @roombaghost · 24 oct.
service i can offer:

sitting with you at a computer while you do your “work” (expansive definition) and being a helpful companion when needed

john @ekto8vbx11njzkj · 18 juil.
a vampire can’t see its own tweets

noisette bastons @noisettebastons · 24 oct.
[with intentions of doing a 90 minutes semi-directive interview] : hi

o. @__goldenmole · 24 oct.
j'ai un livre en moi @A_La_Rasbaille · 26 oct.
C’est le paradoxe de toute parole qui déborde (militante, mystique, etc.) : elle doit être dite mais elle ne peut être dite selon les termes qui serviraient le plus à ceux qui doivent l’entendre. Parce qu’ils ne supportent pas de l’entendre. D’où la tentation du discours crypté…

🌕🐽🌕 @0sn · 26 oct.
Apparently??!! There’s a difference??!! Between “living in the moment“ and “dissociating 24/7”??!!

Sam Saulsbury @SamuelSaulsbury · 30 sept. 2021
Shakespeare’s shit is so timeless cause everybody’s got that friend named Polonius that hides behind their tapestries

Lucahjin 🐴Mom @lucahjin · 26 oct.
My toxic trait is telling people to take care of themselves while I'm running on 3 hours sleep, enough caffeine to kill a horse and an Oreo

If you're looking to come back to Tumblr, understand that it's mostly controlled by wizards now.

She Extends (Read Pinned!) @68tilinfinity · 30 oct.
[girl at her absolute lowest] I need to make a zine

loren schmidt @lorenschmidt · 1 nov.
it seems to me that, if anyone ever has an opportunity to look back on this era of history, one of its most marked characteristics will be how widespread trauma is and the extent to which the opportunity to heal is denied people.

Jemedari @MrJemedari · 2 nov.
Glad to see so many embracing therapy. A few of you need an exorcism as well but... Baby steps

temperance @morningliker · 2 nov.
8am: Wake up
8:10-8:45 am : Imagining
8:45 : Wash my face
8:50 : Dreaming
9:00 : Putting stickers in my planner (i havent written anything in it)
10AM to 5PM: Believing in myself
5PM: arts and crafts
5:15pm. : Bedtime

Gabriel @gbrl_dick · 3 nov.
insane to me that you would live in a house with a little box that can be filled with hot water & steam instantly and still choose to shower just once a day. have two showers. need to do some thinking at midday? three showers. man is born free but everywhere he is in chains

Kara ☾ Stone @karaastone · 4 nov.
i've had so many experiences

i n n e s @innesmck · 4 nov.
the problem with twitter alternatives is they facilitate meaningful discussion when what i want is to feel like an ant surrounded by other terrible little ants

Introvert Problems @IntrovertProbss · 4 nov.
People who say “go big or go home” seriously underestimate my willingness to go home. Like, it’s literally my only goal.

ely kreimendahl @ElyKreimendahl · 15 nov.
being a millennial mom is WILD bc I just realized that I apologized more times to my kid THIS MORNING than my parents apologized to me my ENTIRE LIFE. that’s two times btw

weezer's new self titled album, "the weezer album" @Fire_Badger · 3 juil.
yeah i'm going goblin mode
[gets slain by level 1 adventurer and drops CRUDE CLUB and COINS]

chunky fila @chunkyfila · 5 juil.
“my dog hates fireworks” no, your dog is just a COMMUNIST who hates AMERICA

von honking ton @vonhonkington · 5 juil.
this kind of smart, walkable, mixed-use urbanism is illegal to build in most parts of america

jay Dragon writes games @jdragsky · 5 juil.
some new tone indicators, for when you need to communicate tone online


How I Spent My Summer Vacation @bombsfall · 6 juil.
i don't know what's going on in uk politics but something's up so i'll just give a big "u wot m8!" to our friends "across the pond"

Matthewせいじ @matthewseiji · 7 juil.
You either die a hero or you live long as a hero, or you die as not a hero, or you live long as not a hero, or you become a villain, or you do not become a villain, there are a lot of possibilities

way ☁️ @ssridispenser · 6 juil.
if i had a bf i would keep him in a jar With a few twig and leaves so he feel comfortable

trish @ULTRAGLOSS · 7 juil.
stretching my back isn’t enough i need to take out my spine and wring it out like a towel

Cottagecore Spider Jerusalem @AndyEyeballs · 8 juil.
A lady at the apple orchard disco the other night asked if I was born a man or a woman and I, drunk, beckoned her close to whisper and then hollered I WAS BORN A BABY into her ear

aLec robBins @alecrobbins · 13 juil.
internet piracy is Good for society and culture. there’s nothing evil about it. people who upload torrents should be paid handsome sums of cold hard cash

1+1=1 @KDzhGomes · 18 juil.
Absolutely cursed cover of Foucault’s “History of sexuality"
the cover is made of several pictures of foucault with different zoom of his eyes, his mouth..

cate @catekitchen · 19 juil.
People who forget to eat are amazing to me. I miss one meal and I’m burning bridges with immediate family members. I miss two that’s organ failure, total body and mind shutdown by the end of one calendar day

⁂ @polclarissou · 21 juil.
sometimes i think about what cuba achieves under murderous sanctions from the US block and how powerful cuba would be without that interference and i start to vibrate so hard i hover a few cm off the floor

Game of Throw-ins @GameofThrowIns · 21 juil.
Fucking hell Tom. I don’t need this right now.
A poster with the question Do crabs think people walk sideways ? asked by Tom, aged 7

cringe goddess @JamieManelis · 30 juil.
Stop telling me my feelings are valid they’re absolutely not I’m just insane

Jared Beloff @Read_Instead · 4 août
I want to go to a writers retreat where you are paired with a field biologist and then write poems about their work.

karl marx john @miaoulianov · 12 août
*finissant mon verre d’eau* « encore un que les golfs n’auront pas »

Daniel Manitou @ActualPerson084 · 12 août

Ordinary @OrdinaryAlso · 4 août
neurosurgeon: *removes my brain to blow on it and put it back in*

agnès varda archive @vardaarchive · 14 août
agnès varda dressed as a potato for her exhibition "patatutopia"
indeed, agnes varda is dressed as a potato and smilinganother photo of agnes varda dressed as a potato in front of a big photograph of a chimney looking like a face, potatoes in their mouth

Rhiannon @rhiannonisnear · 14 août
wish my cat had a phone so i could call him or text him

Mr. Thank You @c0mmunicants · 13 août
I'm a strict prison abolitionist unless I think it would be funny if a specific person got sent to prison.

ely kreimendahl @ElyKreimendahl · 14 août
were you a highly sensitive child, or were you just responsible for the feelings of the adults around you

night brain @night_brain_ · 15 août
after the revolution we will abolish both home cooking and restaurants. nutrition will be provided by a third, as yet unrevealed, modality

seven (sweetheart) @KnuckleheadBets · 14 août
you want your city to be walkable and bikeable? what's next? suckable? fuckable?

charlotte @brocolisuspect · 15h
Touche le chômage
Il est gentil

wife geist @wife_geist · 9h
inside you are two wolves. this is below the minimum viable population threshold, so they soon die out. the deer population inside you explodes, quickly stripping you of your internal vegetation. erosion increases, streams and rivers silt up, and insect numbers collapse due to ha

Ben Riddle @rddlmethispoet · 16 août
Inside you, there are two wolves. Inside Mozart there were like eleven or twelve, that's why they called him Wolfgang.

omg sustainable @aetheriun · 3 avr.
God I love to be just a little dude in a world; walking around

internethimbo on twitch @InternetHippo · 5 avr.
not interested in the "story" of any video game. i'll tell you what the story is. i'm a little guy who's just running around

Patrick Wyman @Patrick_Wyman · 9 avr.
Imagine being drunk as hell on cheap wine on a summer day in ancient Rome watching the chariot races, then seeing a chariot eat shit on a turn, the crowd must have been insane

ntch @_redacted · 10 avr.
il y a un oiseau qui tape le bois d'un arbre de son bec dehors, je m'y accroche de toutes mes forces, je ne sais pas encore son vrai nom, ni la couleur de ses plumes

annie @thisyearsgurl · 12 avr.
karl marx failed to consider that when you’re alone and life is making you lonely you can always go downtown

kat, @katbamkapow · 15 avr.
today in the archives: weeping while reading all the letters from people fundraising for jim kepner (writer & activist & founder of the ONE archives) to get to washington DC for the AIDS march on. just pages and pages of handwritten notes, "hope this helps."

Ben Esposito @torahhorse · 22 avr.
living in a cuckoo clock would be sick. chill in a big house with your friends in complete silence until the top of the hour, then its scream time

Raygan Kelly @raygank · 23 avr.
For almost ten years I’ve marveled at the spiteful poetic power of the phrase “I will face God and walk backwards into hell”, and only occasionally do I remember that it’s from a dril tweet about hollering at zoo animals.
wint @dril · 22 mai 2012

doctor garbage expert @whoisgina · 22 avr.
so soft so tender today, just cried again watching the train stream because someone in the chat was on the arriving train and they waved at the camera once they got onto the platform and the chat went wild. humans! sometimes great

Nicholas Kole @FromHappyRock · 25 avr.
You can now follow me in the perfectly ethical platform: the woods. Follow me in the woods. I am walking into the woods.

Lizzie Logan @lizzzzzielogan · 27 avr.
i'm a writer the way a potato is a battery

David Lo Pun-ch Nazis @helpmeskeletor · 28 avr.
‘Billionaires could end poverty’
My brother in Christ what do you think causes poverty

Bruno ☠️ Dias @NotBrunoAgain · 29 avr.
We think of mushrooms as being "the fungus" but really a mushroom is just a temporary structure that the fungus, which a network of hyphae buried in the substrate, builds to disperse its spores. They're like a protrusion from an unseen world into ours.

lake micah @afrofatalism · 27 avr.
i don’t follow people on instagram because they’re hot, i do it because i want to know what their relationship to the tyranny of images is—whether it’s one of submission, contravention, collaboration, whatever

kelly p. @k_pendergrast · 15 févr.
"I work at the intersection of..." NO. I don't work at the intersection of anything. My work is fourteen parallel lines. They never touch. I am responsible for feeding the lines and maintaining their edges. In return they whisper secrets to me, terrible knowledge I cannot relay.

Stabbins McGee @StabbinsMcGee · 27 févr.
Mini-golf should be called “golf,” and regular golf should be called “affordable housing units.”

Annie @nontanne · 25 déc. 2020
my favorite poem is the beaufort wind scale i guess

kat, @katbamkapow · 3 mars
remove tweeting functionality from life, only vague soulslike messages from now on. therefore, ah, tranquility

ᴇᴀʀᴛʜ ᴇᴀᴛᴇʀ @D1C0MM · 21 mars

Chris Howell @christophhowell · 22 mars
Sorry to interrupt

chia @hotemogf · 22 mars
to document everything around me and be unarchivable myself

max @redacted · 30 mars
i love myself because i’m shaped by the people i love

hiller goodspeed @hillergoodspeed · 8 mai 2017
Scattered junk drawer stuff at the beach so the metal detector grandpas can have a good day.

Dr. Chad Nelsen 🌊 @chadenelsen · 3 avr.
On a hike and stuck my phone in Harding Creek and saw this little guy! 🦎

𐰱 @evolacore · 5 avr.

nega candle 😈 @ragzouken · 20h
"i can fix him" i can disassemble him into his component parts

omg sustainable @aetheriun · 3 avr.
God I love to be just a little dude in a world; walking around

internethimbo on twitch @InternetHippo · 5 avr.
not interested in the "story" of any video game. i'll tell you what the story is. i'm a little guy who's just running around

Tam Emslie @Tamarionette · 27 mars
Trombone in an empty swimming pool sounds crazy.

Laura Spoonie Papillon♿ @LauraSpoonie · 2 déc.
Please congratulate me on my new position! It is the fetal position, I will be in it for awhile.

iby @burgeroise · 16 nov.
life is short so just be weird and nice

the hype @TheHyyyype · 3 déc.
the concept of a boss is so funny to me. like, you're a full grown adult, but there's this other dude who tells you what to do and gives you little punishments if you don't do it how he likes. sounds made up

Helvetica Blanc @helveticablanc · 10 déc.
Thinkin about the sigils that beetles draw.

Luke Baker Ogre japonaiskrampuspilledOgre japonais @spacemacchiato · 10 déc.
So fucked up that I can’t just be a frog and live here

letters to god @unicornriot666 · 9 déc.
Pedagogy of the depressed

Sophie @jil_slander · 12 déc.
Congrats on learning to read a little quicker than the other kids in second grade but u are 35 now

⁂ @_Y2Kuku · 13 févr. 2016
when u want to eat healthy but u still seapunk af

Joanne Cheung 张涓 @joannekcheung · 3h
what it feels like to write something

Detective Drip @ImKindaFunny901 · 22 nov.

Me peaking on Shrooms:

jess porter @jessnode · 22 oct.
*in software job interview*

them: name one of your weaknesses
me: i hate computers

Dick King-Smith HQ @DickKingSmith · 29 oct.
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the woods...

Sun Chat @iHugGirls · 18 juil.
wtf r daddy issues ? just traumatize your father back

dan hett @danhett · 25 oct.
this year I'm taking part in NO-vember (pronounced "november") where I will be saying no to everything, go away

Felix Coulpat @FongiqueMafioso · 1 nov.
je veux plus jamais travailler, juste filer des coups de main

formerly evil paddington @ElsieKFisher · 8 nov.
this would fix all my problems

Edmond Charivari @ECharivari · 11 nov.
Idée d'un marmiton pour chanson : j'ai bien aimé la chanson mais j'ai mis un mi mineur à la place du do7 et ajouté une petite percussion dans le refrain

carmeb @therealcbrad · 11 nov.
Salt can’t be the only delicious rock. I’m going to eat rocks to find the good ones. I bet they’re trying to keep them from us

AIC: Arms, Armor, Medieval, and Renaissance (Bot) @aic_armor · 13 nov.
Stag with Herb Branch Mounted as a Ring, 1567 #armsarmor #museumarchive

Casey Nowak @IgnatzHaderach · 13 nov.
My four years of art school were less valuable than that one time dogcopter appeared to steven universe in a dream and told him "art is all about communication"

Tim (non-spooky, non-Halloween version) @burgotastic · 13 nov.
Oh, you like vampire weekend? You have vampire unions to thank for that.

November (2017 Film) @bombsfall · 16 nov.
If I was a detective I would work out my personal demons before starting to take cases.

aLec robBins @alecrobbins · 18 nov.
ultimately i just want to be kind, find my people, stay indoors, make my weird little shit, and not die

Kirsty Rolfe @avoiding_bears · 19 nov.
yes. this is what I need. please let me just crawl into the bin
une photo d'une poubelle avec écrit Rest dessus

gryme @grym333 · 22 nov.
bug lords
3 dessins en noir et blanc d'insectes anthropomorphes

Feliz nAvivadad Étoile scintillante @AvivaMaiArtzy · 23 nov.
I just think it’s cute that stamps are stickers with a job

Cliff Tyrannosaure Jerrison Drapeau transgenre @pervocracy · 7h
how do people on tiktok have the confidence to put their actual faces up there every time they have an opinion, 99% of the time I'm tweeting I'm sitting here looking like one of those fish that only lives in caves and also this particular fish has been having a rough year

Aarón Cantú @aaron_con_choco · 14 avr.
I think we’re beyond the “raise awareness” phase of practically every significant social issue.

arcia Belsky @MarciaBelsky · 5 avr.
I bring a sort of “we should all quit” vibe to the workplace that bosses don’t really like

Cara Ellison @caraellison · 10 avr.
tired of self-care. how about a little bit of government care. political care. infrastructural care.

anthony @butterwolf · 23 août 2015
[i go to put out my electronic cigarette on a framed photo of someone i used to love but it only taps the glass] damn this piss hell future.

Bea_ker @bea_ker · 1 déc. 2018
FRIEND: have you heard of the beach boys? ME: do you mean fish

you gain beazouf @beesmygod_ · 10 oct.
i dont have two wolves inside of me i have this shit going on

gong yo’s bitch @HESIRONZDAYA · 11 oct.
le prix des poussette omg?? le bb dans le tote bag

celebrated vermin expert 𓆏 @urbanfriendden · 23 juin 2019
(eats exactly one apple) where is my health you wretched orb

neural net guesses memes @ResNeXtGuesser · 10 oct.
Image prediction: harmonica
Confidence: 41.26%

LIZZIE CROWDAGGER @Crowdagger · 13 oct.
L'existence des think tanks implique l'existence des think dps et des think healers

conner is afraid @thebadbucket · 13 oct.
will someone pay me to walk around and look at things all day

Molly Lambert Hérisson @mollylambert · 18 oct.
one thing I feel like we're not acknowledging as a society is that everyone is now just completely insane

marni @AmbianceOpinel · 19 oct.
idée de nom pour un collectif d'archéologues communistes : marteau et fossiles

DAWNING CROW @dawning_crow · 19 oct.
The living room cat

Suave Morbida @Maitre_Poulard · 20 oct.
Je vous conseille par ailleurs cette page sur le destin des échantillons lunaires offerts aux nations du monde. La plupart ont disparu ou ont été volés Stolen_and_missing_Moon_rocks

halloweena sabak @ninasabak · 17 oct.
in 2021, one must ask: is this seasonal affective disorder, depression, a realistic response to the state of the world, or simply the way I feel from now on?

ruby Crocodile @roobeekeane · 8 janv.
me going on a stupid little daily walk just to feel something
Une photo d'un rapace qui marche de manière dépressive.

Existential Comics @existentialcoms · 22 sept.
Be the cringe you want to see in the world.

conner is asleep @thebadbucket · 25 sept.
today’s offerings

big poster character @JDespland · 25 sept.
where do correct ideas come from? do they drop from the skies? no. are they innate in the mind? no. they come from touching grass

Aly Dixon @aly__dixon · 25 sept.
doctor at my check up asked me if i had “any feelings of depression or anxiety” and i said “don’t we all” and she said “no” lol

stephanie @isosteph · 28 sept.
uniquely bad energy to be on a little computer all the time in a really packed city there should only be like 10 giant computers in the world and they should be in various deserts and you should have to journey for many miles on foot to come and operate them

Farah Bazzi & فرح بَزّي @FarahmBazzi · 29 sept.
One of my favorite James Baldwin lines; “There is reason, after all, that some people wish to colonize the moon, and others dance before it as an ancient friend.”

charlie @chunkbardey · 5 oct.
stopped needing therapy cuz i learned the phrase “well what are you gonna do”

Chauve-sourisCitrouille-lanterne shiver angeline north Citrouille-lanterneChauve-souris @_ratbooks_ · 4 oct.

KAVARI 𖥸᷁∴ @KAVARI_ · 5 oct.
i think about this video almost every week

Agar Plant @akaAgar · 6 oct.
En route pour un apéritif dinatoire, je l'espère suivi d'un dîner apéroïdoforme

conner is asleep @thebadbucket · 6 oct.
today’s offerings

The Discourse Lover @Trillburne · 9 oct.
Sleeping is so feminine. "Ooh, let me get comfy and let down my guard so I can dream." We need a masculine alternative: some kind of restorative feat of strength and daring

jess @queervengeance · 7 oct.
no more awareness months. I have become too aware. I am aware of everything. I am constantly gripped by the crushing weight of my unending awareness. pls god make it stop

𝖆𝖑𝖑𝖎𝖊 🕷 @thholyghost · 8 oct.
everyone thinks that their cat is the cutest cat in the world and youre actually all correct

Robert Schultz @_RobertSchultz · 8 oct.
“i only need 4 hours of sleep a night and i’m good!” - the crankiest person you’ve ever met

sarcoma @doomedsarcoma · 16h
spooky scary scarecrows
Un dessin avec 3 épouvantails.

Daniel Holland🎗Drapeau du pays de Galles @DannyDutch · 8 oct.
Look at it dance

Dracula Awareness Activist @bombsfall · 5 sept.
Can't sleep, thinking about doing stuff you do when you have insomnia like randomly taking a 3 mile walk around town and loitering in back parking lots looking at milk crates and chain link fences and getting inexplicably emotional that they share a crisscross lattice pattern

Undine @HorribleSanity · 8 sept.
This may be the most helpful thing you learn all day. (Strand Magazine)

the lickety~split @olicketysplit · 9 sept.
Good Dog

is what I say to my
fish when I pet her.

A dog is anything small
& good to me. She nips

my finger, breaks no skin
but the water’s.

Today I took my pills & felt
little. Now I feel lots. I love this

thing of mine. Her fins are good
& her tail is too. Good dog.

Heydon @heydonworks · 9 sept.
Please post the cringe on Tiktok, the "oh whoops I'm rich" on Instagram, and the astrology on Facebook. Acceptable Twitter topics:

* Satan
* Deliberately misidentifying liminal spaces

Robinson Boucan @robinsonboucan · 12 sept.

clintoris @clintoris · 12 sept.
taking a very hot shower after a long shift at the restaurant and pretending I’m a fork in the dishwasher because I have no therapist

Will Sennett @Senn_Spud · 13 sept.
I love movies sometimes I think about them when im at the store or driving

fangmeli @pangmeli · 15 sept.
I am mentally counting the whole pandemic as 1 year. I don't care how long it goes on for, it's 1 year. it's just a longer year, which is fine. years have no defined length. years are just containers

DIESEL Pompe à essence @ThinDieselle · 16 sept.
an unvaccinated person died (crowd cheers) but they were unvaccinated because of their disability (crowd boos) but they were a republican voter (crowd cheers) but they were a mother (crowd boos) to a future school shooter (mixed reaction from crowd)

everest @everestpipkin · 18 sept.
choose your ancient deity cursed to walk the earth in mortal form
conner is asleep @thebadbucket · 18 sept. En réponse à @everestpipkin
few more options

trash jones @jzux · 17 sept.
adulthood is wild because one day you get a little sleepy and then you stay that way for the rest of your life

big poster character @JDespland · 7 sept.
reading about etymology of metal names and it's like "nickel comes from the old german "nickel" (goblin) because miners thought its ore was copper cursed by a goblin", "cobalt comes from the old german kobalt (kobold) because miners thought its ore was copper cursed by a kobold"

Emma Berquist @eeberquist · 20 sept.
Annihilation is about how cool lighthouses are

Tiger Tateishi (1941 - 1998)

poopsicle @vonpeepster · 6 mars
But I'm a crepe. I'm a weird dough

¢harArc-en-ciel @shesatornado · 10 juin
I hope this email doesn't find you. I hope you've escaped, that you're free.

approaching sentinelese w printed pepe frens memes @suicidepussy · 14 août
Yeah ok, I'll just go ahead living another 40 or 50 years 🙄 lmfao. Sure, I'll go right ahead and do that, another ~18,250 days, I'll get right on that🤣hey maybe ill even let my joints get all creaky and develop dementia too😂👌 dumb fuck

bailey moon @Baileymoon15 · 2 avr.
the point of tweeting is not to go viral. the point of tweeting is to get a few likes and a concerned text from a friend

Trevor Moore @TrevorLess · 6 juin 2017
HR LADY: And it says here under Emergency Contacts you just wrote "FIRE TRUCK"
ME: [visibly excited] Fire truck

Diabetic of Enlightenment @dee_bee_h · 9 août
ok, now that we know climate change is real, it’s time to put our lit degrees to work to imagine new forms of non-anthropocentric collectivity that do not depend on the instrumentalization of nonhuman environments, like what we find here in this one Emily Dickinson poem

becca t @beccateeth · 17 août
Me eating pizza for breakfast un petit poussin sur une part de pizza qui flotte sur l'eau?

Daisybéissance civile @GoldfishFight · 19 août
Les films James Bond seraient beaucoup plus réalistes si 007 était une femme parceque ça expliquerait pourquoi les méchants ne peuvent s'empêcher de lui expliquer leur plan.

Michal @Miexriir · 17 août
A 5 second WarioWare microgame where you have to decide which sentence gets the 1 exclamation point of the work email

first-mate prance @bocxtop · 18 août
a bored caveman rubbed two sticks together until it lit up now i gotta do battle with excel from 9am to 5pm everyday

Math Lady Hazel Drapeau de l'Argentine @mathladyhazel · 18 août
math notations explained

= equals
=/= not equals
< left
> right
~ worm
π stonehenge
√ right answer
x wrong answer
⋯ soon…
∮ what Exactly the fuck
∝ fish
∞ fish with 2 heads
↯ lightning
:⇔ he Scream

Ho3K | Daramgar SOON avec flèche pointant vers la droite au-dessus Riptide @Daramgaria · 19 août
yea... i'm a she/they... *unshe/theys my katana and slices u in half*

Visage songeur @antikirsten · 19 août
self care is over we are losing our shit now

AIC: Arms, Armor, Medieval, and Renaissance (Bot) · 23 août
Pendant Shaped as a Ship, 1600

Ōmar Symbole marque commerciale @conan_lemirage · 19 août
Les bébés ils aiment trop se réveiller tôt ils ont des rdv à la caf ou quoi ?

Guillaume D. @GDeleur · 21 août
Tout est parti en vrille lorsqu'ils ont commencé à retirer les grands panneaux électromécaniques cliquetant dans les gares.

fembot @__femb0t · 28 août
Pilea peperomioides vs Collection of satellite dishes

Tom Astle @thomasastle · 30 déc. 2020
imagine being a low poly animal. clipping into an LOD'd bush for camouflage. efficiently soaking up lighting with your unmatched surface area. sharing your texture atlas with a skull

john @mrjohndarby · 28 août
in a home invasion my attacker goes for a knife in the kitchen drawers but it's jammed by the potato masher and I make my escape

tara @proletarat · 28 août
“Can you explain this gap in your resume” yeah I made it in LaTeX and I don’t know how to make the paragraph breaks smaller

Jared Goldstein @heyjaredhey · 29 août
THE JOB SEARCH IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!! I’m still unemployed, I’m just over it!!!

Amanda Pendolino @amandapendo · 28 août
2021: congratulating your friends for quitting jobs as opposed to getting jobs

Leo Xander @STALLE0N · 3 août
Stop taking social media so serious. Nothing here is real. Look at this chicken 🐓🚗 it is bigger than the car

s.s @toshoneko · 5 août
A nice drawing of someone looking at a really small dog aquarium

Mecha @MenacingMecha · 6 août
big fan of this dude

squashbone @squashbone · 6 août
En réponse à @MenacingMecha

i accidentally killed him and it is my lifes greatest failure

Mecha @MenacingMecha · 6 août
did he drop anything at least

squashbone @squashbone · 6 août
En réponse à @MenacingMecha

nope. just regret.

ligature·fun Cactus @ligaturerecords · 4 août
plus de deux minutes d'écart entre et qui a joué avec l'horloge atomique et brisé l'espace-temps dénoncez-vous

conner is asleep @thebadbucket · 1h
today i am going to draw a fox
conner is asleep @thebadbucket · 1 min
En réponse à @thebadbucket

i tried but today is a clouded brain day. fox will have to wait

Bushra Farooqui Livre ouvert @startuployalist · 2 janv. 2020
woke spaced-repetition: extending human cognition via external storage and across time

bespoke spaced-repetition: an autopoietic system where information time travels between your future and past self in a meaningful cybernetic loop

Manu @NazaCongolais · 14 juil.
Le document Word après avoir déplacé une image
Une image de la série TV Les Simpsons avec leur salon en mode les escaliers-illusions d'Escher.

10,000 Motivated Rats @bombsfall · 17 juil.
the shark tracking app really is just people heaping praise and encouragement on the sharks and honestly it has been a positive influence in my life this week

loud dame @Sandernista412 · 25 juin Hell yes
Des ours sous un pommier, sur une pile de pommes, qui mangent des pommes. Des ours sous un pommier, sur une pile de pommes, qui mangent des pommes.

paul bassett davies @thewritertype · 15 juil.
I miss the time when the entire world was united in a shared vision of common humanity by a boat being stuck in a canal.

Marc Jahjah Homme mageTête de licorneArc-en-ciel @marc_jahjah · 12h
J'ai beau faire des "cartes heuristiques", tester tous les logiciels de "gestion de projets", de tâches et n'arrive pas à m'organiser. Peut-être que la solution, c'est juste d'en faire moins en fait. Je me demande si l'inadaptation n'est pas une forme de résistance

meg berkobien @meg_berkobien · 11 juil.
the rule should be: if you go to space, you forfeit your earthly dollars

Eamonn Leighton @EamonnLeighton · 10 juil.
How audio processing for voiceover works: a thread

Voice go AaaaAAAaaaaAaAaaaAAa but machine do aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Voice go AaaaAAAaaaaAaAaaaAAa but machine do A AAA A A AA

Voice go aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa but machine do AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Voice go AaaaAAAaaaaAaAaaaAAa but machine do 𝓐𝓪𝓪𝓪𝓐𝓐𝓐𝓪𝓪𝓪𝓪𝓐𝓪𝓐𝓪𝓪𝓪𝓐𝓐𝓪

LeoooooonSoleil avec rayonsFleur @yubieyubie · 10 juil.
Did a printer write this tweet

snwoie @pixlsoda
shoutout to anyone whos favorite color combination is this
Magenta square.Cyan square.Yellow square.

Aevee Bee @MammonMachine · 11 juil.
Maybe life also has a fishing minigame in it.

badru @sonofbadru · 11 juil.
tenderfoot was #lichencore and nextgame is #mosscore

cécile Rat @haraiva · 10 juil.
i can see myself really getting into subtitles formatting which is how you know im approaching my 30s

coolgirlonline @coolgirl0nline · 10 juil.
when i was a kid i had this game called worm church where id bring worms to my room and read them the bible

neuroticarsehole @neuroticarsehol · 10 juil.

leon @leyawn · 9 juil.
there is a cool mushroom growing in the forest you could be looking at. instead you are in front of computer

xenoanthropology @LericDax · 8 juil.
become ungovernable
une photo de corbeau titré 'Feud between Crows and people in Japan' puis un petit texte : 'Japan had issues with crow nests on electric infrastructure, so they went and destroyed all of the nests, which prompted the local crow population to just build more nests, far in excess to what they actually needed.

Sarah Lazarus @sarahclazarus · 8 juil.
there should be a post-pandemic full service doctor where you just lie down for a three hour appointment and five people swarm around and fix you like a race car

Brooke DiDonato @brokedidonato · 7 juil.
If your fence is bent I will find it

Images Generated By AI Machines @images_ai · 7 juil.
"brutalist amusement park"
A brutalist amusement park but generated by a weird AI ?

pictures of the end @neighbours_wifi · 6 juil.
Un tag Getty images derrière une barrière en fil de fer, et beaucoup de plantes sauvages autour

Ryan Ken (they/them) @Ryan_Ken_Acts · 4 juil.
It’s wild to me that you’ll see that the ocean is on fire and then have to send an email or something

Adam Nathaniel Furman @Furmadamadam · 2 juil.
Sculptures by the late, great, Bodys Isek Kingelez

Maître Chaton @MaitreChaton · 2 juil.
Une photo d'une feuille A4 collée sur une porte sur laquelle est écrit : 'Merci de bien vouloir respecter deux personnes maximum'.

lake micah @afrofatalism · 2 juil.
this has the look of the sort of image you’d find replicated and stretched across the book jacket of a university text, a volume entitled something like— Deliquescent Ontologies: (En)Gendering Corporeal Peril in the Anthropocene (Duke UP, 2023)

Janet Strath @JanetStrath · 2 juil.
Department store wax mannequins melting during a heatwave in 1929
Black and white photo of department store wax mannequins melting during a heatwave in 1929

Mary Annaïse Heglar @MaryHeglar · 29 juin
We can mourn what’s lost AND cherish what’s left. We can absolutely do both. We don’t really have a choice.

Thomas Shahan @ThomasShahan · 29 juin
Nice little group of wet lichens on a fallen branch

Quatuor Poulet @BardaACAB · 29 juin
J’ai jeté du sel sur le propriétaire de mon appart parce que j’ai lu sur internet que c’était comme ça qu’on se débarrassait des sangsues sauf que ça marche pas help !!!!

Alex Yablon @AlexYablon · 29 juin
The “Keep _______ Weird” crowd needs to learn that the way a place gets weird is by having cheap housing so people can work part time or not at all and still make rent

Gators Daily Crocodile @GatorsDaily · 1 juil.
the perfect accessory doesn't exi...

p.e. moskowitz @_pem_pem · 28 juin
i've been so distracted by the pandemic i forgot that when this is all over we'll all die from global warming lol

Sun Destroyer 999 @bombsfall · 13h
fuck it let's go back to blogging

go elsewhere